Programme: Women’s resistance to feminism(s) in the usa, 19th-21st centuries (3-4 Avril 2020)

Women’s Resistance to Feminism(s) in the USA, 19 th -21 centuries
3-4 Avril 2020

Vendredi 3 avril 2020
9h00: Ouverture de la journée
9h30-10h30 Conférence inaugurale/Keynote: Ronnee Schreiber (San Diego State University)

10h30-11h00 : Pause

11h-12h15 : Anti suffragism and Antifeminism
Chair: Claire Sorin
– Rachel Nolan (University of Manchester): ““The Anti on the Cartwheel”: Charlotte Perkins
Gilman’s war against antifeminism, then and now”
– Katharina Vester (American University, Washington D.C): “ “An Appeal to American
Women”: Discussions of Antisuffragism in Late 19th century Cookbooks”

12h15-14h00 : déjeuner

14h00-16h30 : Session jeune recherche /Early career research
Chair : Marc Calvini-Lefebvre
-Amélie Ribieras : (Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle) Resisting Feminism through Discourse : a
Framing Analysis of Phyllis Schafly’s Rhetoric
-Delphine Beaujon (Université de Lorraine)“Using women’s voices to reframe the anti-
abortion discourse: Unplanned and Abby Johnson as the new pro-life weapons of the anti-
abortion movement”
-Kasparian Méline (ENS Lyon) : A Kitchen of their Own : Alternatives to mainstream
femininsm in Contemporary Chicana writings”
-Mariya Nikolova (Potsdam University): “The Limits of Risk in Kathy Acker’s Kathy Goes to
Haiti »

Samedi 4 avril 2020
Contemporary forms of resistance to feminism
Chairs: Nicolas Boileau/Claire Sorin

-Jill Drouillard (East Tennessee University): “Gender Critical Feminism as a Form of
Resistance to Feminism”
-Cécile Coquet-Mokoko (Université Versailles-St Quentin) “Black Feminism and White
Feminism: An Impossible Dialog?”
-Eleonore Cartellier (Université Grenoble-Alpes) : « 21st-Century anti Feminists »
-Marion Douzou (Université Lyon 2) “The Julia Learns Children series and #1972 : a case
study of antifeminism in the Tea Party galaxy”.
-Fatma Ramdani (Université de Lille): “Fighting Women’s Reproductive Health and Rights:
Trumpism at work at the United Nations”

13h-14h: déjeuner

14h-16h: Table ronde

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