Sites of feminist memory: follow us!

Our citizen science project – Sites of Feminist Memory: A Map of Memorials to the Women’s Suffrage Movement – now has its own Twitter and Instagram feeds. Many thanks to our intern Alice Foulquier for posting about the map’s new contents each week. We hope you’ll enjoy following our project through them!

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2 thoughts on “Sites of feminist memory: follow us!”

  1. Thank you for posting details about my Dame Ethel Smyth statue on Twitter. I have also done statue of Emily Wilding Davison for Epsom market square and am currently working on a larger-than-life statue of Aphra Behn, 17th-century playwright, poet, spy, and first English female writer to earn her living by her pen. Born in Canterbury statue will be in the high street, to be unveiled later this year. More details on or email

    1. Thank you Christine for alerting us to your statue of Emily Wilding Davison – it will be the next entry on our map! And congratulations on the Aphra Behn statue: we won’t be able to include it unfortunately as our map only charts memorials to the women’s suffrage movement. Of which there are many!

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