Six Weeks for suffrage: thank you to all contributors

The Women and the F-Word team’s Six Weeks for Suffrage campaign came to an end this week. We are pleased to report that our Map of Memorials to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, which had roughly 30 entries at the start of the academic year, now has more than 60. 
This result would not have been possible without the suggestions we received from contributors around the world. So our most heartfelt thanks to Salomé André, Tanya Bailey, Amélie Bardivia, Karine Bigand, Samantha Borry, Melanie Goan, Florence Kaczorowski, Vera Mackie, Katey Watson and Monica Webb for your brilliant contributions to this project (some of which we are still working through – so watch this space!).
Though this year’s Six Weeks for Suffrage campaign has ended, our work does not – so please continue sending us your suggestions and spread the word to anyone who may be interested!
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With best wishes,
Marc Calvini-Lefebvre & Alice Foulquier

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