Feminism and TV Series (October 20th-21st 2022, Aix-en-Provence)

The Women and the F-Word team is hosting a conference on feminism(s) and TV series centered on the different feminist methodologies and practices that have shaped the serial form and industry.

BAT2-Programme web Les féminismes dans les séries TV Affiche web-Les féminismes dans les séries TV

We welcome two keynote speakers: Kim Akass (Rowan University) and Anne Crémieux (Montpellier 3 University) who are going to discuss motherhood and queer figures in TV series respectively.

The conference is organized by Laura Benoit (AMU), Sophie Chadelle and Cristelle Maury (Toulouse Jean Jaurès University) and is a collaboration between Women and the F-Word, the LERMA team (AMU) and the CAS team (Toulouse Jean Jaurès University).