… in Fictional Spaces


How are fictional spaces haunted by feminism? How do feminist ideas shape fictional discourses and influence audiences? And what forms of feminism are made visible in fictional spaces?

On the other hand, to what extent do fictional spaces shape feminist thinking by offering innovative/alternative ways for characters to inhabit fictional time and space? We intend to explore the political dimension of aesthetic creations. How are feminist ideas embodied, qualified, renegotiated or represented in fiction? Through what means and techniques? How are women writers, directors and artists influenced by feminist ideas and how do they think about their inclusion in the canon of feminism by virtue of their being women?



  • In the following months, we expect to publish a volume on feminisms, feminist theory and TV series, directed by Laura Benoit and Sophie Chadelle.

Tracing the spectres of feminism in the English-speaking world (and beyond), 19th-21st centuries

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