…In public spaces


How does the feminist past haunt public spaces? We intend to analyse the literal, discursive and material dimensions of this question. First, how do feminist ideas make it into the mainstream of public debate? How do they become accepted? What debates does their adoption cause? Second, how is this feminist culture rendered visible/ pregnant/ comprehensible in the public sphere? How are feminist icons/ great figures selected and exhibited? How is feminism remembered in public sites: statues, street names, etc and how do feminists remember their pasts? Exploring these questions will enable us to question the politics of feminist memory. 


  • The inaugural slow e-conference launching this second stream of our new project was held in May and June 2021. Organised by Marc CALVINI-LEFEBVRE, it was entitled Sites of Feminist Memory: Remembering suffrage in Europe and the United States of America”.


Tracing the spectres of feminism in the English-speaking world (and beyond), 19th-21st centuries

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