Does my memorial count? criteria for inclusion

The memorials that can be included in our map must meet two basic criteria:

  1. They were created explicitly to commemorate an individual (e.g. Sylvia Pankhurst), an organization (e.g. the National Woman’s Party) an event (e.g. the Great Petition), etc… for their contribution to the suffrage campaign.
  2. They are part of the built environment in a public space

In other words, our map cannot welcome sites such as:

  • the tomb of a suffrage campaigner, unless it became a site of commemoration of her campaigning (as was the case, for example, with the tomb of French suffragist Hubertine Auclert)
  • a building which used to house a suffrage campaigner or a suffrage organization but which was never officially turned into a memorial by the positioning of a commemorative plaque
  • a memorial which was an inspiration to suffrage campaigners (a statue of Joan of Arc for instance) but is not, itself, the object of suffrage memorialisation

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