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How are scholarly discourses (theories, scientific methods and conclusions, etc.) haunted by feminist ideas? How do the specters of feminism influence or shape other discourses which have evolved thanks to or by resisting feminisms: medical theories for example, especially psychiatry, psychoanalysis and therapy have always been the target and source of feminists’ conceptualization of the patriarchal system and theories about women’s submissive role. Can we say that feminist theories have haunted these other discourses and in what way? 


This third stream will begin in the autumn of 2022 with the first in a series of workshops on psychiatry and feminism. Co-ordinated by Nicolas BOILEAU, these will lead to a series of publications on that tortuous but rich relationship.

Tracing the spectres of feminism in women's lives, public spaces and scholarly discourses in the English-speaking world (and beyond)

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