… In Women’s LIVES


How do feminist ideas haunt the lived experience of women, both in favour of or resisting feminist ideas? Is there a way of tracing women’s emotions, dreams and representation of the world through the adoption of or resistance to feminist arguments and ideas? How do women’s emotions reflect the specters of feminism, the way it haunts them into their bodily experience(s)? How does feminism strike the right chord by inevitably triggering emotional responses and emotional discourses?


The first stream of our research is closest to our original project, in which we have so far produced:

In the months to come, we expect to publish:

  • A book on the plurality of disciplinary approaches to women’s resistance to feminism(s), directed by Marc CALVINI-LEFEBVRE
  • A journal special issue on women’s resistance to feminism(s) in the USA, directed by Claire SORIN.

Tracing the spectres of feminism in the English-speaking world (and beyond), 19th-21st centuries

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